Here at CloudAve we see accounting as the application de force - the beach-head app upon which other business software hangs. Grandiose words perhaps but at the core of a business is the need to make a profit (whatever measure that profit may take). It is the accounting application that is at the heart of this profit reporting - without wanting to lessen the importance of other software areas, there is little point in collaborating on a document, or managing a project, in the absence of good metrics around revenue and expenses.

For better or worse accounting applications are the place to report and analyse these metrics. We've therefore put together two different type of content: Analysis pieces are industry generic thoughts, vendor opinion pieces and a vision for the future while reviews are in-depth analyses of the various accounting applications on offer.

We're always keen for feedback if you agree, disagree or just plain want to chat!

Analysis pieces

Sage upping the SaaS Ante

Accounting 2.0 - Thought Leaders and Product Reviews

FreshBooks - Helping SMBs Ride Out the Storm

A Vertical That's Starting To Make Sense

Sold - To the Company With the Biggest Chequebook

Sage Upping the SaaS Ante

Banking 2.0? They're Nowhere Near 1.0 Yet

Another Global Saas Accounting Player

Another Global SaaS Accounting Player

Under Pressure

The Beginning of The End for Incumbents?

Intaact - An Impressive Quarter

Providing for the Space Between - Lubricating Business

Adding Value (and Product) to Inventory

More Integration from those Charming Canucks

33% Growth in 50 Days

What Does “Fully Featured” Really Mean?

All’s Fair in Love and War – Ubikwiti Pushing Hard

Some Things Are Best Shoved Into a (Shoe)Box – FreshBooks, Outright and Shoeboxed

From Shoebox to Paperless, 22nd Century (?) Expense Management


Fixed Assets an Important Piece of the Puzzle

Finding a Babel Fish for Data

The Small Business Web - The Rising Tide of Integration

Make It Relevant for ME!

On Hockey Sticks and Sporting Teams

Standards - The Opposing View

An Answer to the Burn Rate

Old-timers Getting SaaSy

Xero Announces Second Funding Round

Intacct Scores a Coup – A Partner Channel for SaaS Accounting

Disruption is in the Minds of the Users

Make It Relevant for ME!

Get Real With Pricing

*Superstars* of SaaS

Business Finance/Personal Finance – It’s All Just Money

Guest Posts

It's Not Size That Matters, It's How You Use It

The Future of Accounting - Guest Post by Rod Drury

A View from the Drivers Seat - the Future of Business Process Software

The Future of Accounting - Guest Post, Mark Davies e-conomic


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Time59 - Review

Going Live With Sage - Initial Review of SageLive

E-conomic - Review

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AccountsIQ - Review

Bootstrap/Outright - Review

FastDue – Searching for Some Secret Sauce

Ubikwiti - Review


Solo Mixes and Matches a Complete Brew

Merchant’s Mirror - Review

IAC-EZ Version 1.4 – All About You

billFLO – Helping the World Communicate

Review – Pearl 2.0